The Top 3 Trendy Living Room Furniture

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The top three, trendy living room furniture would be the sofa, the ottoman and the nesting table. They provide comfort and style that serve to elevate the purpose of your living space.

The space that defines any home would most likely be the living room. This is usually the biggest room in the house as many family activities are done in this space. Living room furniture can either be formal, casual or relaxed depending on the theme of the room and the preference of the owner. Here is a discussion of the top three living room furniture. (more…)

Tips on Choosing Comfortable and Trendy Kids Furniture

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When choosing trendy and comfortable furniture for your kids, it is essential that you consider age appropriate pieces that blend well with the present needs of your little ones.


Choosing trendy and comfortable furniture for your kids need not be a challenge if you know what to look for. It is essential that kids also have a say in the matter if you want them to use and live with the items that you intend to purchase. On top of that, style is not the only parameter when choosing kids furniture, as you need to take into consideration safety as the number one factor. Here are some tips to guide you on choosing furniture for your kids. (more…)

Unique Storage Bedroom Furniture Ideas

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Storage furniture for the bedroom provide for a means to place bedroom items such as night lamps, books, blankets etc. They minimize clutter and serve to add a distinct look to an otherwise drab space.

Storage furniture is a necessity for any home. It provides a receptacle for many items big or small that would otherwise clutter the living space. Storage furniture can be used in all parts of the house and is especially useful in the bedroom. Here are some important bedroom storage furniture ideas. (more…)

Tips for Proper Maintenance of Storage Furniture

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Proper care of storage furniture will depend on the type of materials that were used in its manufacture as well as its location whether indoor or outdoor.

Storage furniture is a type of furniture that serves to keep items for storage. They contain spaces for drawers so that items can easily put in. Many storage furniture types serve decorative purposes on top of their storage functions while others were made purely as a receptacle for all your indoor or outdoor accouterments. Storage furniture like any other furniture needs upkeep and maintenance in order to extend its use. Here are some tips to care for your storage furniture. (more…)

The Need for Outdoor Storage Furniture

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Outdoor storage furniture is a great means of storing outdoor storage items in order to declutter your space. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that do not take up a lot of space.




Outdoor storage furniture is one of the most useful pieces of utility furniture you can find. Not every home is equipped with a shed that can store outdoor items such as equipment, or tools etc. There is a wide range of outdoor storage furniture to choose from and they are available usually at home improvement depots and some can even be procured at your local furniture stores. If you have a need to store a lot of items and do not want to spend a king’s ransom for a shed then outdoor storage furniture is the one for you. (more…)

How to find the best contemporary furniture for your home

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Finding the best contemporary furniture to increase the beauty of the house is a cumbersome process. However, if you have proper knowledge on the subject the matter becomes easier.

If you are thinking of enhancing the beauty of the home interiors then you can opt to buy contemporary furniture and give your house a new and sophisticated look. Instead of going to the local furniture shop and compromise with your choice and taste by purchasing the only available items there, you can opt for online stores and select the pieces you need from a wide range of styles and choices. (more…)

Furniture Stores in Jacksonville FL

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Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Jacksonville FL

8030 Phillips Highway,Jacksonville,FL 32256 (904)-524-6037

10330 Chedoak Court,Jacksonville,FL 32218 (904)-245-9397


Furniture Mart

9230 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32225  (904) 726-0666


Modern Furniture: 3 Myths and Facts

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While shopping for furniture pieces, many homeowners avoid buying modern furniture because of some myths. Facts on this modern furniture pieces let you choose the best for your house.


When it comes to furnishing your home, do you want to stick to the classic and traditional items or want to enhance the beauty of the interiors by opting for some modern furniture items? Many people get confused to hear about certain myths about modern furniture. However, learning the truth would help you make the right decision and bring home the best. (more…)

Restoration Options for Modern Furniture Stores Jacksonville FL

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There are several restoration options for modern furniture items that enhance the interior décor of your house. You can find reliable furniture stores Jacksonville Fl and get help of their services. You can find several reliable online stores that offer restoration for modern furniture. One such reliable and experienced home improvement site is They offer a variety of furniture options that best suits your budget and specifications.

Do you want to give your home an elegant and sophisticated look? Are you worrying how to enhance the appearance of your luxurious lifestyle? You can take care of this by opting for restoration for modern furniture. You can get many furniture stores Jacksonville Fl, where a myriad of furniture designs are available. You need to choose the right design that would complement the interior decor of the house and impress the visitors.

10 Restoration Options for Modern Furniture Stores Jacksonville FL

Restoration of modern furniture brings a significant difference to the home décor. The restored furniture appears much better than the original ones. Generally, furniture restoration is needed when the metal loses its shine or corrodes. The store owners offer you different options for furniture restoration.

For the modern furniture, the store owners offer to re-upholster or rebuild the items. You can also opt for have the furniture French polished or waxed. Some owners also offer high quality modern lacquering, spray booth with high specification or paint finishes. The experienced and reliable owners are also authorized as Ercol restorer. Some of the types of services under modern furniture restoration include – re-building, parker knoll refurbishment, re-finishing and stripping different types of modern finishes, having small electric repairs, paint and lacquer finishes, ercol refurbishment, and so on. The major types of furniture restoration are done on metal and wood items. These include woodwork fabrication, ornamental metals, decorative finish, door, window, and so on.

Under Woodwork fabrication and furniture restoration, the owners offer:

  1. Furniture Refinishing
  2. Chair Repair
  3. Antique Conservation
  4. Reupholstery Repair

Along with the furniture they store owners also offer to restore the decorative accessories, which include products made of metals, fiberglass, plastic, electroplated things, bent plywood and natural foam rubber. The experienced representatives are also comfortable with sand sewn upholstery. The decorative finishes include japanning, gliding, oil painting, parcel gliding, and milk painting. Whether the furniture piece is a cabinet, sofa, table, chair or any other decorative item like lighting fixture or chandelier, the expert craftsmen will meticulously veneer, repair, add finish to give your modern furniture pieces a totally new and enhanced look. Restoration on regular basis gives a well-maintained look to the furniture and increases the longevity.

How can you remodel your dining room with modern furniture?

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You can enhance the beauty of your dining room and create a lasting impression on the guests by remodeling your dining room with contemporary furniture.

If you are thinking of remodeling your dining room, then opt to buy some modern furniture pieces that would complement the interior décor of the house and (more…)

Finding Trendy And Affordable Furniture Online

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To find trendy and affordable furniture online make a wide net search, compare prices, gather information about each site, read reviews, check for return, tax and delivery policies, see if the store has items of the styles you want, if it has a wide selection, look through the photos and description, (more…)

The Usefulness of Storage Furniture

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One cannot discount the many uses of storage furniture in your home. They provide not only efficient storage space but also effectively makes the room more functional and clutter free as a result.

It does not matter if you live in a mansion or a one room flat, storage is always (more…)

Smart Office Furniture Shopping Tips

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When shopping for office furniture it is important that you are able to incorporate form and function into the pieces in order to provide a more efficient and comfortable working experience.

Shopping for office furniture is a process that should not be taken for granted. Remember, your employees and even yourself (more…)

Importance of Comfort when Choosing Office Furniture

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Comfort plays an integral role when it comes to choosing office furniture because it can define how the worker would be able to utilize that piece in order to do their job effectively.

A lot of people take for granted the process of choosing office furniture because they equate it with work (more…)

The Necessity of Furniture for the Home

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Furniture is a necessity for every home because it serves a function that can make it very convenient for the individual living in the home. It elevates the mood and defines the space making the home livable and not merely a sterile empty space.

A home without furniture is not a (more…)

Modern Furniture Home Tips

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Modern furniture to revamp your home is the best way of incorporating modern design and functionality in order to make the best out of your living space.

When you feel that you want to upgrade your home with modern furniture there are certain aspects you need to consider if you want to (more…)