The Top 3 Trendy Living Room Furniture

The top three, trendy living room furniture would be the sofa, the ottoman and the nesting table. They provide comfort and style that serve to elevate the purpose of your living space.

The space that defines any home would most likely be the living room. This is usually the biggest room in the house as many family activities are done in this space. Living room furniture can either be formal, casual or relaxed depending on the theme of the room and the preference of the owner. Here is a discussion of the top three living room furniture.

2 The Top 3 Trendy Living Room Furniture


No living space would be complete without the sofa or couch as a centerpiece of the room. Since the primary function of living space is a means by which people can relax, entertain guests or watch TV shows, the sofa is an ultimate necessity and is considered a top living room piece. You can choose from a variety of sofa designs and features. We have the traditional sofa, which is usually about six to eight feet in length. This type can usually seat about three people. There are varying sizes and lengths depending on your needs and available space. A convertible sofa is a type of sofa that can be converted to a bed for your guests. Sometimes referred to as the sofa bed, they often use the existing mattress that can be folded out or an inflatable one for good measure.


The second top living room furniture would be the ottoman. An ottoman is a type of footstool or small bench that features a cushioned top. They are usually installed as an accent piece beside or in front of a sofa and a chair. They usually come with storage space within to pace living room items such as TV remote controls, magazines and other materials. They can come in a variety of shapes such as round or cubed. There are also large rectangular ottomans that can be used as benches placed adjacent to the wall of the living room or to accent an existing sofa. For people that have a large space to fill, this is the best type to choose. They are usually forty inches long and come with a height of sixteen inches.

Nesting Tables

The third type of top living room furniture would be nesting tables. They can be used as end tables and they usually come in three pieces particularly large, medium and small sizes. They are very useful to place a small lamp or as a means to put decorative items such as vases. They are very flexible pieces of furniture and are easily grouped as one unifying piece or used separately depending on the living space available.


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