Unique Storage Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Storage furniture for the bedroom provide for a means to place bedroom items such as night lamps, books, blankets etc. They minimize clutter and serve to add a distinct look to an otherwise drab space.

Storage furniture is a necessity for any home. It provides a receptacle for many items big or small that would otherwise clutter the living space. Storage furniture can be used in all parts of the house and is especially useful in the bedroom. Here are some important bedroom storage furniture ideas.

7 Unique Storage Bedroom Furniture Ideas

A good storage furniture idea for the bedroom is bedside table with shelves. A simple nightstand can also work as a table top as well as a good place to place a lamp. The nightstand can be equipped with a small drawer in order to place some bedroom items. You can also add a lower shelf to place some reading materials as well. If you have limited space in the bedroom a good idea is to conceptualize a floating nightstand. This can easily be achieved by placing a closet shelf upside down just beside your bed. As the space required is relatively small and is attached to the wall it does not take up any amount of square footage plus the surface can double as a place to put your alarm clock as well as decorative knick-knacks and nighttime books.

Another good idea if you have limited space in the bedroom is to install a bedtime bookshelf. This is another great way to use the wall space that is otherwise left neglected and is a perfect alternative to a bedside table. All you need to do is to cut out a small portion from the wall between the studs and then finish the opening with wood or drywall and then place some nifty shelves in it. It is not only a great place to store all your books and room d├ęcor but can also be used to install a wall mount lamp in order to provide the necessary lighting.

Another means of using storage furniture in the bedroom is to use a part of the bed particularly the headboard for storing items. This can be done by purchasing a storage-laden headboard which features cushioned lift up panels that hide from view all the nifty items you want to place there, such as blankets and comfortable sweaters to name a few. Moreover, if the panels are closed, the created ledge on the top can serve as a place where you can stack or display other nighttime items as well as decorative figurines. These are just some of the unique storage furniture items that you can add to existing items of furniture already in your bedroom.

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